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Our flagship, the TOP that combines an unmistakable aroma, an unique taste and an extraordinary harmony; this line is identified by 6 types of product among which the three main ones:

Oro Classica 090 (Black)

Coffee beans blend, ATM packed, it’s made with 90 % of exclusive arabica’s qualities and a 10% of robusta’s qualities, all fine selected and certified, without additives nor conservatives.

On first taste you are immediately struck by a sweet, sour and pasty taste that totally wraps your palate. The mouth is a waltz of intense flavors helped by a precious note of black chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts in a fruity combined mix, typical of the freshly roasted coffee.

A full and enveloping blend where there is a perfect combination of sweetness, softness, strength and form.

The aftertaste is persistent, coherent with the tasting sensations, and remains well over thirty minutes; this perception rekindles the desire to retry the same but always new emotions…with another espresso Carlo Ruffinelli by M&C.

A professional gourmet mixture that does not disappoint the expectations of an excellent and constant result…for those who demand the best!

Special 070 (white)

Coffee beans blend, ATM packed, it’s made with 2/3 of arabic’s qualities and 1/3 of robust’ s qualities, all fine selected and certified, transformed without additives nor conservatives.

This composed blend, is a real professional bar mixture; very easy to work in every situation with a steady performance; it shows a soft sweet and firm taste, good and persistent acidity, perfumed and aromatic, full-bodied with a nutty taste; the aftertaste is never bitter nor astringent.

Perfect for those who want an authentic espresso done in a workmanlike manner by Carlo Ruffinelli of M&C.

Cremosa 050 (white)

Coffee beans blend, ATM packed, it’s made with 50% of arabic’s qualities and a 50% of robust’s qualities, all fine selected and certified, without additives nor conservatives.

The blend shows a strong and intense but always pleasant flavor, slight acidity; it’s fragrant, full-bodied and appealing; the aftertaste is pleasant and floating, slightly astringent just after the transformation, that fades completely later on ten days from roasting.

Suitable for any time of the day, even more so after a meal, because it is able to reset the palate with flavors of the food, replacing it with a good and pleasant feeling.

Marketing / Gadget Line

Marketing / Gadget Line

A line dedicated to your business


Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

A line of high-quality coffee, made with the best blends on the market

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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Your Local deserves a distinction even in coffee. We provide mixtures and the quality of the product, but the brand will be yours!

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