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This line is properly studied for the foreign market with a strong identity of the origins and traditions; a dynamic line able to respond to the specific requirements in terms of legislation, taste and aroma of the countries we serve from over 20 years.

The foreign market is continuously expanding and we can offer to our customers, wholesalers, distributors and importers a customized product, that goes from a customized packaging to a personal client’s taste coffee blend.

The result is a new dimension never reached before; combining the artisan appearance with the ability to produce at industrial levels. This versatility allows the Company to satisfy both large foreign orders (by containers) and to serve the high selling market with the customized products or our gourmet line.

We make the product extremely desirable because we realize it with care as if it was handmade and at the same time it is rendered desirable because it has no additional costs. These results are reached thanks to the know-how, made of fact of knowledge, skills, technologies and innovative ideas.

We are present and serve importers, wholesalers and distributors in the following foreign countries:

We have acquired new customers in Russia, China, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Algeria, these new orders make us even more proud and pleased with our company policy that combines production flexibility, quality and prices. .

Marketing / Gadget Line

Marketing / Gadget Line

A line dedicated to your business


Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

A line of high-quality coffee, made with the best blends on the market

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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Your Local deserves a distinction even in coffee. We provide mixtures and the quality of the product, but the brand will be yours!

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