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The selection of the best coffees

Of all the countless varieties of coffee existing in the world market, we carefully select the most suitable to add shape, consistence and aroma to every single one of our blends, choosing the finest seeds of Arabic and Robust.The taste and selection are fundamental to orientate in such a varied universe and to be able to create quality blends; we need to know the characteristics of all types of coffee, evaluated by international criteria, and update personally with constant tastings of the available coffees on the global market.
Only the experience, the scientific knowledge, the tasting capacity and passion , allow us to choose, roast and mix the coffee varieties so to obtain a perfect aroma and result.

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Pursuing an important choice for the quality of the blends, every type of coffee gets toasted individually, before the mixing, to be able to respect the organoleptic characteristics, but ,most of all, to enhance the aroma.We always want this process to be gradual and slow (from 15 to 20 minutes as the temperature increases touching a maximum 230° C) using with satisfaction an innovative roasting machine with a rotating drum in which the hot air keeps the beans “suspended” favoring a homogeneous roasting and brilliance.The roasting parameters, fixed after many tests and controlled by computer, are followed until the master roaster does not establish, on the basis of his irreplaceable experience, the most suitable time to stop.

Then, the refreshing starts by an automatically rapid air cooling, fundamental to “imprison” inside the coffee beans the volatile and precious aromatic substances heat-released.

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Mixture process and packaging

Only at this point, after a maturation and resting period, we can start the delicate mixing process and the eventual grinding.As we know how harmful is the contact of the coffee with oxygen that interacts with the fresh coffee causing oxidation and the rapid loss of aromatic substances, we have introduced azote in the storage and packaging system. That creates a gaseous barrier between the coffee and the atmospheres oxygen preserving the aromatic characteristics of the newly roasted beans.In all our packs, we remove the oxygen and we add a higher (than the atmospheric one) pressure azote, guaranteeing an optimal conservation of the coffee blend until the package is to be open.

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Marketing / Gadget Line

Marketing / Gadget Line

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Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

A line of high-quality coffee, made with the best blends on the market

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Custom Packaging

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