Third Party Line

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A flexible dynamic line where every customer, from the little one (bar) to the biggest one (importer) has the possibility to personalize, with no additional costs, the coffee packaging both in terms of logo and in writings.

Our Company is interested in selling the product, not necessarily with our brand. We are interested in the quality and not in the advertising. Even the gadgets (cappuccino and espresso cups, napkins, sugar, etc.) that are normally supplied with the coffee, will be personalized on request of the final customer.

The third party is usable on all blends without any exclusions, we can say without a doubt:

“Taste and quality of ownership”

Some of the products made

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Linea Conto terzi


Marketing / Gadget Line

Marketing / Gadget Line

A line dedicated to your business


Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

A line of high-quality coffee, made with the best blends on the market

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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Your Local deserves a distinction even in coffee. We provide mixtures and the quality of the product, but the brand will be yours!

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