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It’s the pleasure of a moment of harmony, to dedicate to yourselves or for the warmth of hospitality, the taste, the style of a choice of quality, to enjoy in times and places that truly belong to us.

Marina & Carlo Ruffinelli

MC Industries Srl, born from a consolidated experience in the roasting world and coffee packaging from 1994, is an emerging but already important reality in the Republic of San Marino, where it has the headquarters and the factory.

The high professionalism supported by innovative technologies and a deep technical knowledge of the coffees, allow us to guarantee to all our customers the quality and steadiness of the product, maintaining competitiveness on prices.

Our major pride is the usage of exclusively selected and certified raw materials responding to all the hygienic, sanitary and tracking regulations that are expertly transformed without using additives nor conservatives.

We offer to our customers countless possibilities for the blends’ and the packaging’s customization , especially studied for them in a very short time at no additional costs.

We work with our brands, for third parties in Italy and many other foreign countries, mainly in the HO-RE-CA trade with two valuable lines of coffee beans:
–  BLACK LINE contains mixtures having a percentage of arabic coffee from a 75 % to 100%.
–  WHITE LINE contains mixtures having a percentage of arabic coffee from a 40% to 70%

Another strength, continuously expanding, is our product packed in E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pods and caps that makes the “household” use practical, hygienic and very easy just like an espresso having been drank in a bar.

Always careful regarding our customers needs, we are able to offer a size, a product, a label and a blend perfectly studied and based on their every need.

Marketing / Gadget Line

Marketing / Gadget Line

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Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

Carlo Ruffinelli, A Quality Coffee

A line of high-quality coffee, made with the best blends on the market

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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Your Local deserves a distinction even in coffee. We provide mixtures and the quality of the product, but the brand will be yours!

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